“Our future lies in the philosophy of love and understanding and caring, not of hatred and tearing down.”
— Colin Powell

Be Updated on Our Different Community Events

Uniting Garden Homes Inc. in Milwaukee, WI provides a variety of comprehensive programs that help the people in the area and surrounding neighborhoods. One example is our food pantry initiative where produce and other goods to are distributed in the community every Wednesday and Thursday.

Community Safety/Workforce

We have established a partnership with the Office of Violence Prevention to implement a multi-disciplinary take around the Cure Violence model called 414Life. This public health program approach asserts that interpersonal violence can be prevented, and antisocial behaviors can be unlearned through comprehensive methods to help solve the problem.
Our community Safety Program is carried out by a team of 10 individuals who have been trained to assist and enhance safety in our neighborhood. Contact us for more information about the violence prevention program


This program focuses on meeting the housing needs of individuals and families who are living in the area. We work to improve the creation, retention, and maintenance of affordable housing in our community.

  • Gardening Activities
  • Mental Health Support
  • Health Screening
  • Affordable Healthcare Services
  • Fitness Activities
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