Uniting Garden Homes INC. is a neighborhood non-profit organization committed to helping individuals and their families, see beyond their current situation by providing support for mental health, violence prevention education, resources and advocacy to empower and promote healing in our community.


Uniting Garden Homes will be valued for its ability to mobilize and help empower resident and stakeholder for the creation of a vibrant, productive, and endearing neighborhood.

Helping Locals Build a Vibrant Community

We work together with residents and stakeholders to achieve a thriving neighborhood

Helping Locals Build a Vibrant Community

We work together with residents and stakeholders to achieve a thriving neighborhood

Positive Change Agents for Our Community's Economic Growth

Our neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a wonderful place for families and single individuals to grow and prosper. At Uniting Garden Homes Inc., we only want to make this place even better by uniting our fellow residents in strengthening our sense of community and enhancing the visual appeal of our surroundings.


What We Do

We engage the people in our area to assist in improving our neighborhood through various programs. Our team takes a thought-centered approach, which focuses on experiences and positivity, to coordinate with the residents in making informed decisions for the prosperity of our community.

Some of the Aspects We Focus On


Guiding residents in finding sustainable job opportunities is important to us. We strive to establish a connection between interested locals and potential employers.


Affordable housing is a necessity for some families in our community. We aim to assist in the creation, maintenance, and retention of this project.

Health and Wellness

Our team wants our fellow residents to take care of their wellbeing. We offer gardening lessons, fitness activities, mental health support, and more.

Education and Recreation

Having locals participate in community engagements is significant for their mental and physical health. Because of this, we provide activities in sports, academics, arts and crafts, tutoring, and more.


About Us

Uniting Garden Homes Inc. is a neighborhood-based intermediary organization. We are dedicated to providing effective programs and supporting initiatives for the economic growth and development of our community.

Get in Touch With Us

Let’s work together to help improve our neighborhood further. Reach out to us today to find out more about what we do. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.