Uniting Garden Homes Inc

Current Programs


Works with businesses, organizations, agencies and schools to create job opportunities for residents. Our goal is to link people to sustainable employment opportunities and offer employability skill training to address communication, problem solving, resume building, and job search.


Housing focus is on meeting the housing needs of individuals and families living in the area. We work to further the maintenance, retention and creation of affordable housing in our community.


Health and Wellness

Make Garden Homes the healthiest neighborhood by offering gardening, fitness activities, mental health support, health screening and access to affordable healthcare services for families and individuals.

Education and Recreation

Provide environmental initiatives through development of partners to create educational and recreational opportunities. The initiatives include sports teams, gardening, academic support, arts and crafts, tutoring. We focus on the whole person through creativity and critical thinking for youth and adults.

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4201 N. 27th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53216


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